[Working] Google Pay 2020 Offer – Trick To Get 7 Stamps & Win Upto Rs.2020

How To Get All 7 Stamps in Google Pay 2020 Offer

Google pay is a upi payment application which is also known as google tez in india. This app provides different rewards for doing upi transaction on different outlets.

After there diwali campaign where people are crazy about finding different stamps like rangoli.

google pay 2020 offer

Google play now back with another offer for new year 2020 where they offer people Rs.202 – Rs.2020 for stamp collecting or completing one layer of cake ( Cake Offer 2020 ).

Today I will share with you my personal trick to get all these stamps faster and what we will get on claim of each layers of Cake

As Google play says as there are 7 ways to get all different stamps some are paid and some are free ( I will recommend first use free ways ).

Know you are understand how this offer are going to work and what’s your profit, So let’s start and know there 7 ways to collect stamps in google pay 2020

How Use Google Pay 2020 Offer

1.  First Of all you need to download the latest version of Google Play – Download Here

2. Now, open app and fill your all details 

3. Login into your account you will see a screen like below image:-

4. Click on 2020 offer and you will see a cake with 3 layers

5. Every layer have some stamps , you need to collect those stamps 

6. Every time you collect a stamp and complete a layer of cake there will be an option to claim a scratch card

5. You are able to claim reward from scratch card at 3 january 2020

Google pay 2020 offer scratch card

Name of stamps you need to collect to complete this offer:- Toffee Stamp, Selfie Stamp, Pizza Stamp, Sunglasses Stamp, Balloon Stamp, DJ Stamp and Disco Stamp.

Note :- There is no 100% way to get a particular stamp but we are trying to do as exact as possible

how to get selfie stamp

To get selfie stamp you need to do a transaction with your friends or use 2020 scanner daily 

how to get Toffee stamp

To get Toffee stamp just send a stamp to your friends or do a transaction with your friends

In my case i got this stamp by sending stamp to our subscribers in giveaway.

how to get Pizza stamp

Use 2020 scanner , send gift  or simply invite friends on google pay as google say in image

how to get Sunglasses stamp

Do simple transaction of send money with your friends or use 2020 scanner

how to get Disco stamp

This is the rarest stamp , i am also search for this stamp once i got i will update with trick

how to get DJ stamp

Doing 2020 scan and send money to friends or request money from other upi like paytm , mobikwik , etc.

how to get balloon stamp

This is most getting stamp in google pay just scan 2020 images , send money or gift a stamp ⅗ you will get a balloon.

7 ways To collect Stamps In Google Pay

Trick to collect 7 stamps in google pay 2020 offer

Use the 2020 scanner

In this way you need to scan image or thing which have 2020 printed you can use below image to scan and get a stamp 

Listen to on-Air Ads

In this offer you need to listen advertisement of google pay , To complete this task just go to youtube and search google pay ads

Gift or request 

To complete this task just send a stamp to your friends or ask her for a stamp

If you send a stampo which you have more than one you will get a surprise stamp 

Invite friends to google pay

In This method you need to invite your one of your friends to install google pay using your invite link in exchange of this action you will also get a reward of Rs.180 in bank once your invite made a transaction.

Pay bill or do mobile recharge

In This method you need to pay your utilities bill or just do a recharge of your mobile to get a stamp

Send Money 

In this method you need to send Rs.98 or more to your friend to get a stamp in google pay

Term and condition

  • This offer is not available to residents of the state of Tamil Nadu.
  • You are not eligible for this offer if you have already earned over INR 9,000 during this current fiscal year (1 April to 31 March) across all Google Pay offers.
  • Any reward money you earn will be deposited to your UPI enabled savings account in Google Pay. If you do not link your UPI enabled savings account to your Google Pay account within 45 days of claiming the reward, the reward will be deemed to be forfeited.
  • Offer subject to full offer terms and conditions.
  • If you or your friends cannot see all the stamp collection features, update your Google Pay app to the latest version.

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