(Full Trick) How To Get Free PUBG Elite Royal Pass

Hey guys if you are reading this article no doubt you are a PUBG lover

And every time you want to be an elite user of pubg or you want to upgrade your PUBG with new session royal pass.

Free PUBG Elite Royal Pass

But you put your steps back because you don’t want to pay an money to buy it.

I am also like you but today i have a simple tricks get PUBG Elite Royal Pass for absolutely free of cost.

Let’s start this tricks and i requested to you follow each steps carefully to get free uc or royal pass of PUBG.

Disclaimer : This trick is educational purpose only, we are not responsible for any harm using this trick. using this trick PUBG may ban your account, so try at your own risk.

How To Get Free PUBG Elite Royal Pass Or UC Money

1, First of all open play store and click on menu option.

google playstore redeem option

2. Now click on Redeem Option and you will get an option to enter voucher code.


3. Just copy above voucher code and paste , then hit redeem button.

google play voucher text area

4. You will get Rs.140 google credit ( This code mostly worked with old gmail account ).

google 140Rs Free google credit

5. After that download Google opinion reward app.

6. Login in Google Opinion Reward app with same gmail account where you got Rs.140 credit.

7. Now choose your country United States and Enter Postal Code :- 10010

8. Complete your registration and you will see 0.0$ into your google reward app.

Note :- I suggest you to please use one gmail account during this process and if you have more than 1 gmail account into your mobile phone

Please remove it, so it works perfectly. If you don’t know how to remove google account from your phone

then follow below FAQ section to know about it.

9. Now open your PUBG and click on buy 99.99$ or 7300 Rs. Uc

10. It look like below image where you need to 0 Rs.

how to purchase free PUBG ELITE ROYAL PASS

11. Click on confirm button and enter your gmail password for first time puchase.

12. Now you will get 8100 UC into your PUBG account.

13. Now click on PUBG Elite Pass option and select 1600 Uc or 600 Uc any option and pay UC amount with your existing value.

14. Hurrah you got Free PUBG Elite Royal Pass.

free pubg elite royal pass session


Q1. I am Not get Rs.140 google credit ?

Ans. This code is user specific account and mostly worked with old account so keep trying with different accounts.

Q2. Showing 0.04 in my google opinion reward app?

ans. you no need to worry about it , this show to everyone but still work grate.

Q3. Getting error or not able to buy UC?

Ans. As i suggest to you use only one gmail account in your mobile during this process

Q4. How to remove other gmail account from our mobile phone?


  1. First go to the phone setting option.
  2. Search for Accounts.
  3. Now select gmail account and you will see your all gmail accounts.
  4. Click on every account and the click on remove option.
  5. Do this process with every account you want to remove.


I personally tried this trick and i don’t think that using this process our account get banned from PUBG because every process worked with any hack.

If we ignore the state information which we have entered incorrectly.

What’s your review about it i am waiting to know your view on this topic.

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