Paytm LootScript – Gold Online Script (NEW40) 2019

Paytm Lootscript is online script which help you to earn Rs40 free paytm gold per paytm account

In this post i will share full trick about ” How To Use paytm Gold Online Loot Script “

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To know how to use paytm gold lootscript 2019 you can scroll down and read all about offers and unlimited trick

Paytm Loot Script New Version

LootScript For New User

LootScript To Collect Pending Gold

How To Use Paytm LootScript

How to use paytm online Lootscript
How to use paytm online Lootscript

Guys there are two different loot scripts for you first two are from same server ( one for unregister paytm no. to get paytm gold and other for collect pending gold )

And second paytm gold online script have both inbuilt features to claim free paytm gold and to collect pending paytm money

Step To Use Paytm Online Loot Script

  • First of all Enter your unregistered paytm number and password for that account
  • Now Enter your main paytm mobile number where you want to collect gold
  • After that click on ” Register” button
  • Now enter OTP received on unregistered paytm number
  • That’s all you need to do to get free Rs.40 free paytm gold
  • Go and check your main account gold section
  • If you not got paytm gold in main account check again your paytm newly registered no. via login into paytm account
  • If still you don’t get money use collect pending gold online loot script

How To Collect Pending Gold From Loot Script

how to collect pending gold from lootscript
how to collect pending gold from lootscript

Some time it will happen that you didn’t received any gold into your main paytm account

In that case you don’t need to worry that you lost your money it just stuck in pending gold section

In This section we will talk about how to claim pending paytm gold using above loot scripts

Step To Get Pending Gold Using Online Script

  • At first enter your newly registered paytm number ( other than your main account which is used in above script)
  • After that enter your main paytm mobile number where you want to collect these gold
  • Now click on ” Collect ” Button
  • Once all the process done you will be received your gold


Official Paytm Gold Offer

full details about paytm gold offer 2019
full details about paytm gold offer 2019

Gold offer is officially run by paytm where new user will get free paytm gold money worth Rs.40

For do this they need to add Gold heaving worth Rs.40 by using promo code ” NEW40

By using the promo code user will get full cashback of Rs.40 as he/she used to buy gold

This offer work for all new user of paytm and you can get profit for this offer unlimited time by making new paytm account each time

After creating account and claiming your free gold you need to transfer that gold into your main paytm account

This process tokes your lots of time and effort , that’s why we made this online loot script which help you to do this process for you

Payment Proof

payment proof of paytm gold online script
payment proof of paytm gold online script


conclusion about paytm online loot script
conclusion about paytm online loot script

Paytm gold offer is best offer for who want to make money by doing simple task of creating new paytm account

and have lots of unregistered mobile number and using paytm lootscript your work will reduced and your earning will be increased .

Term And Condition Of Paytm gold Offer

term and condition of paytm gold offer
term and condition of paytm gold offer
  • Paytm gold offer work only one time per user
  • This offer will not work for old paytm gold user
  • For getting benefit of this paytm gold offer user need to use these promo codes : “NEW40“, “NEW30” while purchasing this deal

Frequently Asked Question

FAq section of paytm loot script and its offers
FAq section of paytm loot script and its offers

Q1Is it safe to use the Lootscript?
Ans: The script is not made by us, we are just sharing it, Being a 3rd party script we cannot assure you the same, Try at your own risk.

But your privacy is our supreme concern, we had talk with the developer regarding all this and then only we have shared it with you guys. If you have any doubt then its a simple request to reset your password once your loot is done, it hardly takes few seconds to do it. You just need to dial a number and press 1 > Open the link & reset the password.

Q2: Script has changed to NEW30 or NEW20? Why?
Ans: Its because Paytm has allocated specific budget to promocode NEW40 or NEW30 for each day, once it exceeds you can avail that promo code that day. If you avail on Paytm App it will give you Error “Code has been used Maximum times for today, please use NEW30 instead or NEW20 instead”

So in order to keep your loot going the script gets changed to NEW30 / NEW20. If you want 40rs then come next day when its live on Paytm App, Then the script will help you get Rs 40/Number

Q3. I can’t Loot more than 10 times a day?
Ans: Its because Paytm has set a limit of transferring Gold (Gifting gold) to a number a maximum 10 times a day.

So you can use another Paytm number to collect your gold from the new account and again loot for 10 more times & so on.

Q4. What is the password of the paytm account script has made?
Ans: The developer has told us that the script generates random password for the account & does not stores it for your Privacy.

So Guys, you can always reset the password of your Paytm account by dialing the below number from your registered mobile number and press 1 to reset your password.


Q5I registered but not got money and not able to collect pending gold?
Ans: if you are using first script then you also need to collect pending gold from that script , if you are trying to collect 3rd script which is loot script then you will get an error like number not found in database.

First script have both option to get paytm gold and collect pending gold.

2nd and 3rd script are same database so if you enter mobile number in 2nd script then you need to enter your paytm number in 3d script to collect pending gold.

And guys if any script not working please comment so i can update new one.

Q6. OTP not coming on my new number ?

If you don’t get OTP i suggest to you please wait for few minutes ( max 3 min.) after that refresh the page and re-enter your same mobile number.

Q7. I am not received Rs. 40 Gold why ?

You not got Rs. 40 paytm gold for free or received less than Rs.40 there are some reason like the offer reward changed by the paytm.

Q8. Does this script also work with old paytm registered number ?

No this offer work only with newly registered paytm number who not trade any gold on that paytm account.

Q9. Do you have more other application loot script ?

Yes we also have application loot script or lootscipt or online script , if you want to know about them make sure to click on bell icon to get instant notification of my new update.

Q10. How many times we will collect gold into main account ?

By using loot script you can collect maximum 10 times a day in one account, For more you need to use more paytm account.

Q11. Gold not transferred into my account !

If you not got gold by using script , don’t worry your gold store into new account . To collect those gold use ” Collect pending Gold Loot Script “.

Q12. While collecting gold , its giving error ” no gold’ or number not found in database. What to do now ?

In this case you need to wait until your newly registered number will be updated into loot script database. Once it update you are able to collect pending gold.

Q13. How much time it will take to update Database data ?

usually it take 1 – 2 minute but sometimes it takes 1 hr or 2 hr.

Q14. where paytm mentioned about paytm free gold money offer ?

Go and checkout here paytm give you full details about there gold offer.

Disclaimer About Paytm Online LootScript

None of the above script is developed by us, these are third party script which we are sharing, made by different developers. We are just sharing the stuff, its upon you whether to use or not. Try at your own risk we are not responsible for any harm!

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